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However, no idea how they work. Swelling gone in foot. Used patches and insoles for week. Pain all but gone. Retired doc in village, cannot believe how swelling disappeared so quickly. Used patch straight on foot after first day. Doc friend as shocked how all of a sudden swelling disappeared. She saw it tues after 9 days still like football and wed it all disappeared Even stopped taking pain killers. All I can say is thanks -  Alison Feist

I chose the neuro patches as they help with your nervous system. I have the socks which are amazing, but the patches have had an even greater effect. Suffering from permanent Atrial Fibrillation: my heart rate has gone down and l very rarely feel nervous and it doesn't even feel like my heart is out of rhythm anymore, they are amazing! Thank you Nicky for all your help and guidance!

Hi Nicky, the socks I purchased from you are money well spent as they have stopped the cramps I was having especially night Time when it was at its worst, Also made walking much easier as I have diabetic neuropathy it has eased it considerably and the trouble with my feet is also good the socks are incredible! 
I suffer from permanent atrial fibrillation, and since wearing the socks l have found l feel calmer in myself and more positive. My heart is not as erratic, which is amazing and l now sleep through the night. I have not even had them a week, but the difference is me feeling despair every day to now feeling l want to do energetic activities and laughing all the time. I am now ordering the insoles and the patches as l am so confident in these products. Also having Nicky as a point of contact for any queries has been so helpful. She has answered and explained everything about the products so clearly. Thank you, Nicky! -Juliet Newton-Evans


I'm a keen runner and wanted to increase my power and balance during my running, so Nicky suggested I use a pair of Voxx Socks and Insoles. Since using them, my running has notably improved and now I can't run without either of them! Thanks Nicky! 

No matter your age or lifestyle, Voxx is changing the way we live, play and enjoy our lives and is the future of wellness, sports and rehab.

VoxxLife has undertaken a number of scientific double blind studies with recognized institutions to scientifically validate the benefits and improved wellness results by individuals wearing the Voxx HPT Technology.

The documented scientific results have proven to: 

  • Increase a person’s power by 22%,
  • Improve their balance and stability by 31% (8X reduced risk of falling),
  • Increase their velocity of force (acceleration) by 17%,
  • Increase eccentric force by 17%,
  • Improve time to execute force (reaction time) by 8%,
  • Increase a person’s range of motion (hip motion) by 15 degrees,
  • Enhance pain relief in 980 out of 1,000 participants in the study.

The VoxxLife customer testimonials below are simply discussions from individuals on how Voxx HPT has helped with their symptoms, balance or personal performance.  VoxxLife is making no claims of treating or curing these ailments, conditions or diseases.

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VoxxLife Testimonial Videos

Kevin Duguay

Athletic Therapist, Kevin talks about how Voxx HPT technology is changing sports medicine and rehab.

Lori Dawson

Pain Reduction, Platar Fasciitis, Lori Dawson shares her story of pain reduction and increased energy with Voxx HPT.

Lynn Chase

Shoulder Injury & Headaches, Lynn Chase shares her personal story of pain relief with Voxx HPT.

Linda Van Kroonenburg

Mother with severe back pain, Lindsey shares her Mom's story of life changing benefits with Voxx HPT.

Linda Jackson

Fibromyalgia, Bone Spur, Back Pain, She shares her journey for pain relief has ended with Voxx HPT.

Nick Best

World's Strongest Man,Discusses how Voxx socks have helped him set new records for himself.

Janice Pynn

Climbed Mount Kilimonjaro, She talks about how the socks helped her train & climb this famous mountain without pain.

Voxx Founding Associate Joe Malfara

Joe Discusses How Voxx HPT Has Helped Him With His MS.


Fibromyalgia, Pain Management & much more., She shares her story of pain management using Voxx socks.