VoxxLife Products

How HPT Works

  • Better Balance & Mobility 
  • Increased Energy 
  • Enhanced Pain Management 
  • Faster Recovery 
  • Neural Health


VoxxLife Socks: Which Socks Suit You Best?

VoxxStasis Athletic & Liner Socks

Typically worn at the gym and by golfers. These socks sit just below the ankle. They provide arch support for a better fit and comfort. 

Our liner socks are thin socks that can be worn with or without other socks.  They are a great option for People who wear uniform socks and still want the benefits of HPT. 

Sitting just above the ankle these socks are also great for exercise and sporting activities. 

Coming half-way up the calf these socks are also great for exercise and sporting activities. 

Sitting just above the ankle these socks these thin socks are perfect for anyone wanting a fuller coverage with a lightweight sock.

Similar to crew socks our knee highs offer additional compression as the sock approaches the knee. This keeps muscles warm and increases blood flow. They have also been found to help reduce swelling and are often used when flying.

VoxxTerra Outdoor & VoxxTread Non-Slip Socks

Mid-size boot socks feature full cushion comfort, arch support and superior moisture wicking for the hardworking majority who spend all day on their feel.

Mid-size boot sock features full cushion comfort, arch support and Superior moisture wicking for the hardworking majority who spend all day on their feet.

All the benefits of the Wellness Crew sock but in a non-slip sole that provides a superior grip and aids in the reduction of falls caused by slipping. 

VoxxWellness Crew Socks 

Wellness socks are the most comfortable, seamless, non-binding sock for everyday wear.  Wellness socks are our most popular style that are great for general wear as socks and for pain relief.  They are diabetic approved, with no elastic banding to press on the foot or lower leg, a seamless toe closure and the double sole comfort.

VoxxWellness Dress Socks

We want everyone to look good and feel good for every occasion. Premium men’s dress socks featuring mercerized cotton for exceptional coolness and comfort.

VoxxIconics Socks

Introducing the Voxx Iconic Collection - statement designs for the fashion forward. As always - all Voxx Iconics socks provide the benefits of embedded Voxx HPT. 

Made with a poly-cotton blended yarn. The polyester adds to the strength and wicking of the sock. The cotton provides a softer hand and more drape to the fabric. Longer leg length than our classic Wellness socks. Extra-wide cuff helps to keep the sock in place. Extra padding on the bottom for ultra-comfort.

VoxxProfile Invisible Socks

Like not wearing a sock at all! Low-profile - perfect for flats and sneakers.

Stylish couture 2-pack of the Voxx Profiles are made from an ultra-comfortable soft and skin-loving blend of cotton. Enhanced with Voxx HPT for all the wellness and performance benefits you expect from a VoxxLife sock. A hand-linked toe for ultimate comfort in any shoe and a "Y" heel with anti-slip silicon stripes to help keep the heel in place. The perfect marriage of style and function, nature and science!

VoxxLife Socks Size Chart

VoxxLife Insoles: Which Insoles Suit You Best?

Voxx Bella/Bello Insoles 

The Bella & Bello thin insoles offer the perfect combination of improved stability, pain relief
and all-day energy. Available in styles for both men and women, these are thin, light, fashionable insoles with all of the advantages of Voxx HPT!

The men’s Bello and women’s Bella are designed to fit most shoes – with an easy, trim-to-fit-design that allows you to get them just right for your favourite pair of shoes. Both are available in a black single pack and a multicoloured three pack with designs to work with almost any style of shoe. Embedded with Voxx HPT, these thin insoles outperform and offer more benefits than custom orthotics at a fraction of the price!

Vola Bella (Ladies) Insoles 

Voxx Bello (Men's) Insoles 

Multipack Bello Insoles 

Multipack Bella Insoles 

Voxx Active Insoles

Did you know that lack of stability and balance account for 95% of foot and back pain issues?

VoxxLife Insoles with HPT technology and are designed for those wanting ultimate comfort, wellness and performance in any activity or task. Voxx insoles have been scientifically proven to provide foot pain relief, improve balance and stability, increase strength and range of motion.

Voxx Classic Insoles

Our classic insole is the product that brought Voxx HPT to the masses. Perfect for your ‘every day shoe’, these can be used while doing day to day activities as well as exercise.

Voxx Bliss
Bliss insoles are the most cushioned insole that we off. They are best for people that spend everyday on their feet or for the elderly who would benefit for more cushioning.        
Voxx Rush
Rush insoles are perfect for athletic shoes and aiding athletic performance. With the least amount of cushioning, they allow the user to get a good base to push off from.

VoxxLife Patches 


These 48 -hour patches, placed on the inside of your forearm, provide all the benefits of VOXX HPT and can be worn easily and inconspicuously no matter what the daily activity. Wear the patch every day, or if you already love the benefits of VoxxLife socks or insoles, have them handy for those days you just need to ditch the footwear and wiggle your toes!

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VoxxLife brings you OST, Optimised Sleep TechnologyTM, the Neuropath to better sleep. Sleep Stages Optimised. Balances your REM and deep sleep stages. Enhanced rest assists in rejuvenation of the mind and body.

The Metapatch may support neuroplastic harmonisation that can contribute to general well being and support for everyday living. The brain plays a central role in the homeostatic regulation of energy metabolism. The brain integrates multiple peripheral metabolic and
neuro inputs. In order to maintain energy homeostasis‚ the brain regulates diverse aspects of body metabolism.

The NEUROVAX Patch may support neuroplastic communication. This optimised communication may support the immune system. Parallel advances in neuroscience and immunology have established the anatomical and cellular basis for bidirectional interactions between the nervous and immune systems. Like other physiological systems, the immune system-and the development of immunity-is modulated by neural reflexes.


VoxxTherapy Knee Support 

Effective in managing knee pain caused by activities that put pressure on your knees.

Supports muscular recovery by assisting in reducing inflammation and stiffness.

Provides a heating effect for muscular recovery.

Breathable fabrics provide ergonomic support.

Suitable for all activities that put stress to the joints like running, basketball, football, golf, cycling, tennis, hiking, volleyball, skiing and much more. 

Voxx Therapy Knee Supports are also embedded with our proprietary Human Performance TechnologyTM.

Voxx eSmartr Sleeve

eSmartr Sleeve Scorpion - Red

An uncommon advantage to reach your maximum potential. The CBT-embedded eSmartr Sleeve is the first non-invasive enhancement to supercharging your mind’s natural ability.

eSmartr Sleeve Piranha - Blue
An uncommon advantage to reach your maximum potential. The CBT-embedded eSmartr Sleeve is the first non-invasive enhancement to supercharging your mind’s natural ability.

VoxxMagic Shapewear

Voxx is creating magic for women by presenting them shapewear embedded with Voxx HPT.

VoxxMagic is offering slimming, comfortable and supportive mid-rise brief which provides core support and high-waist hipster with overall support and smoothing. HPT tech in shapewear is located at both sides of the garment and for extra comfort of the wearer they are made of hypoallergenic soft silicone.

Comfortable and supportive high-waist slimming shorts.

• Smoothes and flattens the tummy while fabric tension eliminates bulges.

• Extra firm band along the upper waist to prevent rolling down.

• Hugs and shapes the bottom. 

• Sculpting short smooths upper legs

• Seamless construction for extra comfort and smooth look under any dress.

• Soft next to skin, lightweight fabric with its powerful stretchability delivers firm control.