My Story

20 years ago this year I was a mum of two small children and worked part time. Just after my daughters birthday I started to feel very unwell and several hospital visits and many tests later I was diagnosed with ME. Over the intervening years I have had various relapses and periods of being relatively well, I was even able to work full time some of the time.

A wonderful friend of mine suggested I tried some Voxx Socks, how on earth could a pair of socks possibly help me I asked myself but hey, I had nothing to loose there was a 30 day money back guarantee! My improvement was steady, I still get days where I don’t feel too great but I now have a sense of wellness I have never had. Thanks to my ‘magic socks’ I am now able to walk around the house with no walker or walking sticks, I can have a shower without sitting down.  I can walk my dog a short way using a walking stick and no wheelchair. Friends and Family have noticed the difference, it still makes me laugh when talking to someone on Zoom they look at me and say ‘wow Nic you look so much better what have you done?’ I can truly say these socks have made my life so much better. I feel so much more secure on my legs, thanks to my eSmartr sleeve my brain fog has improved so much and my energy levels are up. 

December 2017

December 2017 I was working as an Account Manager, had bought a new house and was as happy as I could be. In January 2018 I went down with the worst flu ever and little did I know this would kick start my ME into the worst relapse ever.  By August 2018 I was bed ridden.  Four months later,  just as I was coming out  of the very worst of it my legs stopped working. The messages to my brain were getting disrupted and eventually  I was diagnosed with functional neurological disorder. I became a wheelchair user and unfortunately there was little to no help available from my doctors. I was given the address of a website that might help!!  

May 2019

I’ve had ME for 20 years with 3 major relapses. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia more recently and then FND (functional neurological disorder). Symptoms include fatigue, brain fog, sleep disturbances and, more recently, the inability to walk due to the sensation in my legs being altered and causing them to disappear underneath me, The list is endless and unrelenting.

I have been receiving treatment from Fran Doidge whom I have known for many years and, just before Christmas, she asked me to try some “magic socks” I have to admit I was very skeptical how ever could a pair of sock help but, I was deperate and had nothing to loose. I  gave them a try 24/7 and almost immediately it felt like I was receiving a warm hug. The most dramatic change was the feeling of my legs disappearing from underneath me was much less frequent. My legs feel stronger and more solid/stable and I am now walk around the house, now and again,  without my walking sticks. My brain fog is  improving significantly by using the CBT sleeve.

Christmas 2020

My legs are still improving and I am now walking around the house 90% of the time without my stick. I can also walk outside without my stick for a few meters.

Christmas Day we went out for a walk with our children and my wheelchair goy stuck in the mud. I didn’t have my stick with me and managed to walk through the mud with my daughter's arm for support. It was a wonderful and very moving moment.

January 2021

My painkillers are down from 6-8 per day to 2 (sometimes none) which is excellent. I am also slowly reducing my other medications. The perch stool in kitchen has gone into the garage and I can now shower without my seat. I have also taken my dog Lara out for a walk on my own with only my stick, no wheelchair, what a wonderful feeling! My conditions are still there as it’s not a ‘cure’ but my quality of life is so much better. I am gaining more confidence by wearing the tech and have now joined the VoxxLife Challenge to help 1 billion people- Thank you Fran and Voxx Life ❤️